Want to move to scalable application development and lower your TCO within your SAP landscape?

Can you adapt fast enough?

If you are still working on the traditional, rigid ABAP development within the core, you will face huge dependencies. Also you will have very limited flexibility to innovate, challenges with keeping the core clean and adapt to fast-changing market conditions. Without innovation, you simply can’t increase your productivity and revenue.

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Here's what will happen if you don't change...

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Your TCO will increase

Your TCO will increase even further, while your SAP landscape becomes completely fragmented and low-governed. This causes many application dependencies and makes it impossible to react quickly to fast-changing market conditions. It will also be very difficult to innovate or automate the current business processes. Your revenue will continue to decrease due to the lack of innovation power.

Keep the core clean

Make a change towards success in 3 steps.

  • Reduce complexity by building integrations outside the core system
  • Move your application development to the cloud
  • Create modular and interchangeable building blocks to increase flexibility
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Start with an Application Development exploration and advisory session.

This is what we will cover during our first (online) meeting.
Review your existing Non-SAP and/or SAP landscape.
Insights into lowering your TCO and how SAP BTP will fit into your new infrastructure.
Your current solutions, integrations, business processes and running applications.
How we can inspire and help you with the first steps.

Move to a scalable solution

A simplified and scalable solution

  • You will lower your TCO and become less dependent on specific talent..
  • You will also reduce risk. You’ll be able to adapt quickly to fast-changing market conditions and take advantage of faster deployments, increased automation, and greater access to innovation.
  • Maintenance and upgrade costs will become things of the past.
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