Our Purpose

We want to improve the world using our passion for architecture and data.

Our Vision

We want to empower organizations with world class digital architectures, enabling them to accelerate in their digital journey.

Our Ambition

To become a worldwide known brand in delivering topnotch technical digital transformation projects.

Why Aarini?


Our uniqueness is that we provide in depth SAP knowledge with a wide variety of the latest open source technologies. Our experts advice and establish world class digital architectures and assist SAP customers step by step into their digital journey.

Aarini Consulting is a true technical partner, accelerating small and large digital transformations without further fragmenting the IT landscape. By treating your data as a valuable asset, we keep the core clean and unify your data landscape. We integrate big data environments and extend business processes with topnotch applications. Integrating IoT, SaaS, Web and Mobile is key in the today's rapid changing world. No matter which service we provide, we always deliver rock solid future proof architectures.


The Team
harikishore sreenivasalu
founder, cto
Gerard van Paassen
Head of business
Supriyo Debnath
operation manager
Max Backer
digital transformation strategist