Move from A(ABAP) to B(BTP)

Why you need to stop rigid ABAP coding within the core today

If you are still working on traditional and rigid ABAP development within the core, you will face huge dependencies and have very limited flexibility to innovate, keep the core clean and adapt to fast-changing market conditions. Without innovation, you simply cannot increase productivity and revenue.

Increase development productivity

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) serves as a foundation for SAP’s cloud-based solutions. Through SAP BTP, SAP can deliver services to help increase development productivity.

Increase scalability

These services support developers by allowing them to easily store data; create great user experiences; integrate with services beyond the platform’s boundaries; perform analytics; leverage transformational technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, machine learning, big data and also maintain security.

Step by step approach to move from A(ABAP) to B(BTP)

  • Stop rigid ABAP coding within the core today.
  • Write all new customizations in BTP open-source languages.
  • Rewrite all old ABAP custom code into BTP open-source languages.
  • Start including intelligent technologies to increase automation.
  • Use the modular interchangeable building blocks of SAP BTP to increase scalability.
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