SAP Technical Support

An increasing use of SAP, more users and more functionality, a growing system landscape, advanced technology and higher continuity requirements are all factors that raise the question of whether you are able to manage your SAP system landscape independently in an efficient manner. We understand your need of experts in technical support within an SAP environment.

Our Expertises

SAP Technical Support

SAP Security & Authorizations

We understand that companies need to prevent that everyone can access all data? We assist companies in giving access to the right people to the right applications. We design, build and test authorizations and authentication concepts, which are aligned to SOD and audit requirements.

SAP Solution Manager

We deliver experts in end to end lifecycle management. We can reduce costs by optimizing end to end lifecycle management. We help customers managing their SAP applications and improve their business processes.

SAP Basis

We keep your SAP engine running. We design and maintain all possible SAP Platforms. We make sure that your business processes, databases, integration streams and graphical user interfaces work optimal.

Technical Use Cases

Technical Use Cases
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Proven results in weeks, not years

Exec. Briefing
2 Hours
Technology Assessment
2-3 Days
Proof of Concept
4-8 Weeks
Deployment in Production
2-4 Months
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